Salon Success - Becoming Your Best in Beauty-CD

Salon Success - Becoming Your Best in Beauty-CD

Format: 2-CD Audio
Audio Length: Approximately 2 Hours

Includes Shipping. 


You will learn how to overcome intimidation, work better as a team player, get motivated toward success, and discover the ease of true communication with your client and coworkers.


Salon Success is geared toward all beauty professionals, with the owner and manager in mind. It covers: raising prices, firing your clients the right way, and how to ask your clients to help you find new help. The letters included address these topics and have received much praise; they are considered the best in the industry.  

Discover, as others have, how to market yourself for success, dialogue for building and selling, and keep a true positive attitude toward work and life.

"It's the standard in which every professional needs to work by! They will make you a better hairdresser on how to prepare yourself personally, professionally and best of all be successful! I think of it as a, TELL THE TRUTH IN HAIRDRESSING. I do not have a favorite Geno CD. They are all my favorites and wouldn't part with any of them! God Bless with love, peace and happiness!"
— Tami Kwilinski


"I always have your cd on top of my case. It goes in especially when I know it will be a hard day. It makes me laugh, relax and remember what I need to do!"
— Dot Carrigan

We are all lucky to be working in an amazing industry — let's work together to make it the best beauty industry of the century!

*CDs are for US Continental Addresses only at this time. For international sales please choose the Mp3 files. Thank you.


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