The Live Set

The Live Set

Format: Audio Download*
Listening Time: Approx 2 Hours

*NOTE: You will be sent an email with a link to choose to download the separate audio files separately or a Zip file containing the files (you will need to unzip them to add to your audio player). 

This audio is recorded live at the Mid Atlantic Beauty Conference by keynote speaker Geno Stampora. 

This set is guaranteed to make you laugh and learn and enjoy becoming a master in beauty. It begins with the 5 key ways to increase your income and clients. You will be given key proven ideas on how to increase your clients starting today. You will learn how to connect well with others and how to be liked. You will learn how to have the passion and inspiration of a leader.

You will learn the wisdom of three decades of success in beauty all in a two hour period. Included in this audio is the wisdom needed to sell and how to see life for all it is. Discover the power of inspiration and be inspired by the industry’s greatest coach, Geno Stampora.  

 Make yourself better and be the master of your future.  Join Geno on a journey to Success.

Ready what people are saying: 

"I've been listening to one we got in Detroit from you last month. Its what is on in my car every time I drive. I really enjoy the motivation. I have been working on putting what you say into my everyday life. And a lot of it is already helping. I am doing better at selling retail and staying positive (smiling more). Thank you so much for your amazing words!"
--Facebook: Danielle Foll

"They are FABULOUS"
--Facebook: Rose Rodgers-Stauffer

"Purchased them at CAMP. Listened to all four twice already in my car. Now to get all my staff to listen to them. They are a great investment in yourself and team. Buy two copies. One for you and one for your staff."
--Facebook: Alan Robell


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Geno Stampora

Geno Stampora has made a major contribution to the beauty industry in many ways. He has owned, managed, and worked behind the chair in his collection of salons. He has owned two beauty academies, where he also instructed.

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